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When I think of “on-the-go” I think-- ok, I’m grabbing something and running out of the door because I decided to take an extra 20 minutes to do my hair, or try on five different shirts (which happens more often than it should). So these on-the-go foods are an essential for my busy lifestyle.

Overall, it’s all about the preparation. I’ve learned that even if my day consists of laying around the house, or going place to place, that those on-the-go foods are perfect alternatives compared to indulging on a spoonful of Nutella (mmmmm). So I’m going to explain to you how to prepare these quick, healthy, and satisfying foods. I personally enjoy cooking, but I understand that some souls would look at a recipe and say “F that!” So I’ve tried my best to make this as “F that!” proof as possible.

One of my favorite foods is avocado. It is satisfying and could take the place of so many things; I actually just tried an avocado Nutella mousse for dessert last night! I’ve always thought that avocado hidden in a recipe sounded disgusting until I finally tried it myself. Amazing! You don’t even know it’s in there! Of course the Nutella completely helped too. Ok, back to the healthy eating.

 1. Avocado Toast

I love spreading avocado on a piece of whole grain toast, wrapping it up in some tin foil and out the door I go. For this to be on-the-go, I will prep the avocado the night before and chop it up with some fresh lemon juice. Tip: using an avocado that isn't so ripe helps out a lot if you like to keep it chunky like me. I also will usually have half of an avocado stored in the fridge with the pit in so I can just fork it right on to my toast. Easy Peesy!

Ingredients ::

 1/2 avocado

 1 Tbsp lemon Juice

 2 slices of your favorite toast/English muffin/bagel

 *I used Bay’s Whole Grain English Muffin


2. Black Bean Avocado Salad

This little salad is so great to have stored in the fridge to grab and go when you need to! It is filling and oh so yummy - you can’t go wrong.  Also, if there are ingredients in here you do not like, just change them up with something else! Simply chop and mix all ingredients together. Disperse into Tupperware, and eat up!

Another note - if you aren't on the go, this mixture is great if you put it into a tortilla to make a wrap or quesadilla!

Ingredients ::

   15 ounces black beans

   1 Avocado

   2 cups of corn

   2 red bell peppers

   2 cloves of garlic

   4 Tbsp fresh lime juice

   5 Tbsp olive or coconut oil

   2 pinches of salt

   3 Tbsp cilantro

   2 cups kale

xo Remi 


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