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Hello JIVA world! My name is Brianna, and I will be bringing you a new monthly health series, along with an extra special monthly recipe series called, Eating With the Seasons, here on the JIVA blog from September-December!

Let me introduce myself briefly so you know who you're getting this info from :)

I am health enthusiast and outdoor aficionado first and foremost—my career and lifestyle align seamlessly, with health and wellness always at the forefront of my brain.

My penchant for health and wellness, combined with my passion for learning has allowed me to pursue several forms of education. I am a Holistic Lifestyle Coach from the C.H.E.K institute, and a graduate from the University of Bridgeport, where I received my Masters of Science in Human Nutrition, and a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN). On the training spectrum of my career, I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Crossfit Level 1 Trainer.

Tips for a Fit Fall 

As our summer tan lines fade, and the cool autumn weather sets in, swapping your boogie board for a chalk board and your sundress for a sweater can leave us feeling a bit underwhelmed. People make an extra effort with the change of seasons to develop some new healthy habits, whether it’s cutting out sugar, hitting the gym four times a week, drinking more water, saying they will meditate…whatever it is, most people start out strong in the beginning of the fall and quickly peter out. Follow these fit tips to help you “fall” back into your routine with ease and enjoyment!

  1. Make a routine- With the summer coming to an end, all of us are scrambling to get our schedules back on track and are looking for a solid game plan for making a daily routine. Ease yourself back into your routine, and possibly starting the last two weeks of summer you can re-introduce an earlier bedtime to make the transition more feasible. Getting back into a set routine a few weeks before you actually go back to school (or your regular fall schedule) can help reset your internal clock and make getting to bed and rising early a bit more manageable Making a routine and setting a schedule can go beyond the bedroom too. This is a fantastic time to get your workout and nutrition routine in check by simply planning out what your ideal week would look like. Take time to think about when you are going to make meals for the week, when you are going to go grocery shopping, when you will hit the gym, even plan when you are going to pack up your lunchbox. Every minute counts when it comes to saving time, so plan ahead of time to keep you and yourself prepared for whatever the universe might throw at you
  2. Eat seasonally- There is something about the fall weather that makes us want to eat warm, rich and hearty foods, so don’t fight that innate feeling, go with it and eat with the season! Eating seasonally is Mother Nature’s natural way of helping us choose the best foods for that time of year. Take for example pumpkin seeds. This fall favorite food provides us with zinc, vitamin E, and magnesium, as well as antioxidants, which can support overall health and immunity. Chestnuts are another great fall food that contain vitamins C and A, as well as potassium and protein, making it a great snack to bring on all of your fit fall activities. Don’t forget about apple picking seasons, this popular fall festivity can double as an opportunity to stock up on another fall food. Apples are rich in flavonoids, fiber and antioxidants, making it a delicious and nutritious snack for everyone health aficionado alike! 
  3. Start fresh- There is something about the changing of the seasons that helps cleanse the mind, body, and soul. It is cliché, but used in good form the idea of turning over a new leaf with the ending of the summer can be a great time for setting personal goals. Use this transitional time to self reflect on the peaks and pits of your summer and set some positive intentions of things you wish to change moving forward. Whether that be to sign up for your first 5K, enroll in a new online class or simply work in some more “you” time into your day, let the end of the summer wash away any mental manacles that have been weighing heavy on your heart and embrace the onset of a new season.
  4. Upgrade your lunchbox- Even though keeping your summer body in tiptop shape might not be at the apex of your priority list, keeping your health on track should be. The cool fall weather, although it favors big sweaters and less scantily clad attire, should not be used as an excuse to lose sight of keeping up with your nutrition and wellness goals. While aesthetics might not be a goal at this point, staying healthy and keeping your immune system in prime condition should be. Whether it be for school, work, or a weekend getaway, try and leverage your lunchbox by choosing nutrient dense whole real foods. Keep your lunch delicious and nutritious, without having to sacrifice flavor and fun by making healthy swaps such as choosing dark chocolate over milk chocolate, packing leftovers instead of store-bought deli meat, and treating yourself to some homemade treats instead of those 100 calorie snack packs.
  5. Get involved- Take full advantage of turning over a new leaf and get involved in new clubs, meet up groups and intramural sports. With a new season comes a fresh start, making it a great time to meet and mingle with new people, try new activities and get involved with different organizations. Try something that you normally wouldn’t or maybe have been putting off all summer long, try joining a hiking group, take a yoga class or sign up for a local beach cleanup. This is an excellent opportunity to take an active role in becoming a more well rounded version of yourself and help you discover some of your passions outside of the norm.
  6. Get a calendar- From the moment our sun tans fade, the reality of the many upcoming fall festivities quickly sets in, filling up our calendars and agendas. Even the most organized type-A personality could feel a bit overwhelmed with the influx of autumn activities, while trying to balance falling back into a general routine. Getting a calendar and getting organized from day one is a great way to stay one step ahead of the busy months to come. You can coordinate car weekend outings, travel time, and even schedule in designated times for gym sessions and food shopping. Take advantage of technology and use your smart phone to track work deadlines, running club dates and times, and your favorite football teams’ game schedule. If are tech savvy enough, you can sync your smart phones and computer calendars together as a way to keep everything in one organized place.

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