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Hey chicas! Happy Thursday! Today we are bringing you a rockstar goddess who is all about you rocking your bliss! Meet Cali babe, Mary Beth LaRue, Yoga Teacher and Co-founder of Rock Your Bliss. I first had the privilege of meeting Mary Beth when her Rock Your Bliss team stopped here to make Pittsburgh into Blissburgh for the weekend. She seemed so down to earth and truly passionate about yoga, which is why I knew that I had to reach out and interview her for our series. Catch up with her in LA teaching yoga, or check out one of the Rock Your Bliss events!
What is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up that helps kick-start your day on the right track? 
I keep my iPhone in the kitchen and wake up to an old school alarm clock. I take plenty of time to stretch, kiss my husband and our bulldog and set my intention for the day. I try not to check email until I’ve been up for a half hour or so and have a delicious tea in hand.
Do you have a go-to Motivational Mantra?
 Happiness Equals Reality Minus Expectations

Kicking-ass in your field of expertise can sometimes be a lot of work, how do you stay connected to your center on those inevitable tough days? 
Breath and Sweat. I schedule in my sweat sessions in the beginning of the week before my week fills up with meetings, emails and clients. I also spend technology-free time with my pup Rosy. She always brings me back home to the present.

What are your MUST HAVES in your carry-on when you're about to leave town on a big jet plane?
 I totally have this down with all the travel I’ve been doing in the past year. My non-negotiables: peppermint oil (so refreshing), my iPad stocked with books/music/inspiration, my Moleskine notebook and my SmartWool socks (I get cold!)

What is your favorite thing to do when you need some creative inspiration?
 Explore a new place. Take a new class. Unplug.

What’s your best piece of advice for our younger generation when it comes to following your passion? 
Follow your passion but commit to doing the work. I’ve been teaching for over ten years and it hasn’t always been easy, but absolutely worth it. You have to do the work you are teaching on yourself whether that’s studying, practicing, playing, etc. And definitely checking your ego. It’s about your students, not about you when it comes to the practice space.

Favorite yoga pose for chillin’ out?
 Viparita Karani all the way. Love pigeon too.

What’s the most recent inspirational book that you’ve read? 
Anything by Byron Katie. And my yoga go-to is “Bringing Yoga to Life” by Donna Farhi

Do you have a nightly ritual that helps clear your mind for a restful sleep, creating a productive day to follow?
 Honestly, no! I’m usually so wiped from the day that curling up with my man and our pup with tea or a glass of wine is the perfect end of the day for me.

Xoxoxo Mary Beth


Website: http://www.marybethlarue.com

Email: marybethlarue@gmail.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/marybethlarue/?hl=en 


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