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What if you knew that Bliss would always find you?

If you knew that bliss would always find you, would you worry so much? If you believed that bliss sought you out, would you fret about the little details as much? If you knew without a doubt that the universe had your back and was seeking to send you bliss over a rainbow, would you dwell over half of the stuff that you worry about? 

I've heard that a large percentage of our thoughts go towards thinking about negative things that haven't even happened and never will, so if you're naturally going to go to LaLa land with your thoughts sometimes, then why not instead imagine all the good that is flowing your way, all the bliss that is riding a wave of glitter and confetti right to your doorstep. We are not meant to suffer. We create suffering and worry. Instead, tell yourself, Bliss finds me. #mondaymantra 

xx Lys


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