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Be open to Abundance and Prosperity 

I pulled a goddess card this morning, and Abundantia told me that "The universes pouring is abundance out to you. Be open to receiving," and this got me thinking...am I open to receiving abundance and prosperity?

At first thought, this may seem silly, of course I am open, I want to prosper and make more money! But, at second thought, how open are you, really? Do you set yourself up to receive? Maybe you talk yourself out of good things because you're afraid or because you think you don't have time, or maybe deep down you just don't feel worthy to make x amount of dollars.

For example, maybe you're a yoga instructor and when someone asks you how much you charge for private sessions, you immediately get tongue tied and ramble out your number, but then immediately say, "but we can work something out if that's too much." Is that being open to abundance? Is constantly undermining your earning potential living openly in prosperity? Sure doesn't sound like it, and I know it doesn't feel like it when you sell yourself short. You are worth it. 

So open up. Open wide to abundance and let it flow into your life. Imagine goodness and prosperity and financial serenity. Imagine it flowing into your life like a beam of light; effortless, flowing, beaming. 

I am full of Abundance and Prosperity. #mondaymantra



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