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We bring you the Buddha of BuddhiBox - Maxine Chapman!

Subscription boxes are seriously all the rage right now, and I think they're going to stick around, but I'm even more sure that BuddhiBox will. BuddhiBox is a monthly subscription box with a yoga or jewelry theme. Each month it is delivered straight to your mailbox, and you receive a mix of 4-6 samples and full size products. If you like them, you can come back to the website and purchase a full size product for yourself, and maybe a friend.

BuddhiBox is also committed to supporting non-profits. Each month they pick a charity and donate proceeds from the sale of the boxes to them.

Awesome, right? From headbands, to jewelry, all natural cosmetics, and much much more, if you're a yogi, then you're sure to adore the BuddhiBox, and you'll love Maxine for bringing it to you! Read on...

1) What is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up that helps kick-start your day on the right track? Stretch, move, and listen to some happy tunes to get me excited about the day ahead.

2) Do you have a go-to Motivational Mantra? Not a quote or quick mantra, but whenever I start to need some serious motivation, I remind myself that I am privileged to wake up each day and get to do something I choose and that I am passionate about. As a woman in this big, vast world, this freedom is a privilege, and I will not take it for granted.

3) Kicking-ass in your field of expertise can sometimes be a lot of work, how do you stay connected to your center on those inevitable tough days? See above. That and yoga, long walks with my dogs, a call to a friend, or giving myself the permission to spoil myself with a spa service or really good dinner with a glass of wine. Self care.

4) What are your MUST HAVES in your carry-on when you're about to leave town on a big jet plane? A good music playlist or two, a book, my om prayer scarf (see here), a bottle of water, and a journal in case I get inspired.

5) What is your favorite thing to do when you need some creative inspiration? A hike in nature or an early morning run at La Jolla Shores in San Diego. See photo and tell me you would not be inspired.

6) What’s your best piece of advice for our younger generation when it comes to following your passion? Be brave, but stay grounded. I believe living passionately is about having the confidence to be bold but the wisdom to stay humble.

7) Favorite yoga pose for chillin’ out? Half pigeon for the win. Oh, how I love that pose.

8) What’s the most recent inspirational book that you’ve read? The Alchemist by Pablo Coehlo

9) Do you have a nightly ritual that helps clear your mind for a restful sleep, creating a productive day to follow? An evening walk with my dogs, telling the person closest to me that I love them, and taking a deep breath in and out. 

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