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You say you are, but are you really doing your best? Are you showing up in your life the way that you say you want to? Are you actually half-assing something? Sometimes we say that we are doing our best, but in actuality, we aren't or we aren't even trying. Actions speak volumes louder than words, not only towards other people, but also towards yourself.

So again, I ask you, are you really showing up? Are you really trying? Or are you just saying that to convince yourself that you are? Either way, I'm not here to reprimand you, I'm simply here to act as a sign, a signal, a blaring spotlight on the fact that you may not be being honest with yourself and others. When we start to ask the tough questions, only then can we start to go in. 

In the end, all a person can ask of themselves and others is to show up and do their best when they say they will. Are you? #mondaymantra 


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