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Hi Loves! Join us later today (2/8) for a live session with the amazing author of this blog series, nutritional coach and wellness guru, Kate McCabe from Solful Health! Find us on Facebook & also on instagram to tune in to our live session at 3:15pm eastern time | we will be talking detox tips, balance, and some of Kates favorite go-to clean (but delicious, duh) meals!




Collectively, most of us associate ‘detoxing’ with the physical body (as detailed in the past two posts), but the act of ridding ourselves of toxins and unwanted baggage relates to the mind as well. Without a strong, steady, and energized mind, our physical health means very little. Because who cares if you look hot in a bikini if you feel chronically stressed, overwhelmed, and unhappy? 

Actively and intentionally setting aside time to unplug, shut the world out, and check in with yourself is an absolute must. Real talk, the loop of negative self-talk, stress, anxiety, and low vibe thoughts will do more harm to your mind and body than any ‘cheat meal’ or bowl of ice cream could ever do. The mind-body connection is proven and very real, whether we’re aware of it or not, and our thoughts + beliefs are directly affecting our state of physical and mental health. 

As an example: when we’re feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, or upset, this information is actually communicated from our brain to our gut and digestive system. This in turn affects the way our body digests and processes the food we’re eating that day - digestion slows, nutrients are not absorbed as effectively, and toxins can begin to build up within our systems - leaving us feeling low energy from lack of nutrient assimilation, at an increased risk for getting sick, and most likely with some digestive discomfort (think bloat, gas, constipation, etc.). Not good, babes. All of that from a simple state of mind. 

Finding what works best for your ‘mental detox’ is a very personal endeavor. It may be getting outside to soak up some vitamin D and revitalize in pacha mama, hitting the gym for an endorphin boost, finding your state of flow experimenting in the kitchen, or getting some much needed peace and quiet floating in a sensory deprivation tank. Whatever it is for you, make it a priority and a commitment.

Personally, I turn to my yoga and meditation practice for some soul love and mental detoxification. Research shows that regular practice elevates our moods, decreases stress + anxiety, boosts the immune system (the mind-body connection at work!), promotes mindfulness, and improves sleep. Below, I’ve shared my absolute favorite yoga pose for a powerful mental (and physical) detox - legs up the wall. No matter how crazy my day is, I make time for 10 minutes here to recharge.


Legs Up the Wall

By elevating the legs, we reverse our circulation, sending fresh blood and oxygen to the heart and head (thereby boosting brain power), as well as facilitating the body’s detoxification processes. The restorative, passive nature of this pose also calms the nervous system, lowering our levels of stress and giving our minds a chance to detox and release mental clutter. 

Find an open wall and sit parallel to it. The side of your leg should be right up against it. In one motion, swing both your legs up the wall. Lean back, resting your head on a pillow. If the low back feels achey, place a pillow beneath the sacrum. Eventually the tailbone should be right up against the wall, but if your hamstrings are tight feel free to back the tailbone away from the wall a few inches. Relax the leg muscles, and allow your hands to fall off to the side. Close your eyes and take long, deep inhales and exhales through your nose. For best results, stay here for 1-10 minutes. 

We hope you enjoyed this Three Part Series & can't wait to share more with you in the coming weeks!
Don't forget to tune in later today at 3:15pm while we chat with Kate live on Facebook + Instagram!

Be sure to check out her site, it packed full of juicy + healthy goodness. You can also find out about her teaching schedule, set up a consultation for nutritional coaching, or see where she will be at next sharing in her knowledge in her community!

Kate McCabe | Nutritionist | RYT-200 | Founder, Solful Health

instagram: @solfulhealth


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