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    Mermaids and Mantras

    We bring you Britta Jade, or “The Mermaid Yogi!” Britta is ridiculously inspiring with a serious litany of accomplishments under her belt: Creator of both B Tru Yoga and the TruBlu Foundation to protect the sea, she has her 500 hr RYT, she is a 300 hr certified Ayurvedic Counselor, Reiki healer, and AIDA3 star free diver!

    Britta hosts unique yoga retreats all over the world and shares her deep love of yoga and the sea! So are you totally motivated yet?! We sure are, which is why we knew that we had to interview her to share all of her passion with you so that you too can believe in the beauty of your wildest dreams and discover your purpose!

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    1) What is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up that helps kick-start your day on the right track? I snuggle my cat, Piper. She is precious in the AM. She walks up on my chest and purrs and wants to be pet. When I actually get up I drink a glass of room-temp. water. I know a lot of people say to put lemon in it but for me that’s too intense in the AM! I’m a pitta dosh as well and lemon tends to aggravate my stomach…so plain water it is :) While I’m drinking it I snuggle my other cat, Ricky…he has a different ritual from Piper, but they both get their love and cuddle in before all else :) It’s heaven.

    2) Do you have a go-to Motivational Mantra?

    These days, “This too shall pass,” has been very helpful.

    3) Kicking-ass in your field of expertise can sometimes be a lot of work, how do you stay connected to your center on those inevitable tough days? I accept. When it’s tough I let it be tough. When I lose my center, I lose my center. I keep my focus on trying to be the best I can but know I can’t skip the steps and all the grey areas in between. So, I just let it flow and wait it out :) I do practice yoga and meditate daily and this does help by sending a message to my heart that I love myself…and doing this daily definitely enhances the good and the bad days.

    4) What are your MUST HAVES in your carry-on when you're about to leave town on a big jet plane?

    A travel yoga mat. A good water bottle. Jasmine chapstick. Lavender oil. Kindle. Music. Scarf, socks, tights, and a sweater. Sometimes an ugly Doll…to use as a pillow ;) …and my crystals usually come on my carry on too :)

    5) What is your favorite thing to do when you need some creative inspiration? Look at the ocean. Cry. Write poetry.

    6) What’s your best piece of advice for our younger generation when it comes to following your passion?

    You are worthy of a beautiful life. Never let your fear or disbelief stand in the way of that. See it, feel it, believe it, and say thank you ahead of time. Integrate your own desires with the needs of the Earth for ultimate purpose and passion.

    7) Favorite yoga pose for chillen’ out?

    Supta Baddha Konasana! 

    8) Do you have a nightly ritual that helps clear your mind for a restful sleep, creating a productive day to follow? I drink a glass of water before bed. I usually do a lavender inhale. I always like to be clean and showered and oiled :) I snuggle my cats and read a few chapters of something inspirational then pass out to that :)

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