Camille Saint-Onge

Location: Canada
Instagram:  @oh_she_flows

Favorite way to work up a sweat: My practice is very intuitive. Whenever I step on my mat I like to create high intensity yoga flows. So, when I want to workup a sweat, I crank the music on HIGH and just have fun! I move, flow, jam, invert; whatever I'm feeling.

Favorite JIVA product: I absolutely can’t live without my Jiva leggings! I smile every time I put them on. Whenever I wear them, I get so many compliments on how they look because they are so unique and beautiful! The best thing about them is that they allow me to move and flow freely and confidently so that I can focus all my energy on the intention I bring to my mat.

What does Jiva/soul mean to me: Through my yoga practice I've gained an awareness of my body and I feel the need to listen to it and move how it wants to move. I flow through the movements with intention and purpose and feel them deep within my soul. I also believe that soul can be expressed in every aspect of our lives, when we focus on moving with purpose, radiating positivity and being loving and compassionate towards ourselves and every other living being. But, mostly, soul is found from within. What yoga really is, is encoded in our soul.