Courtney Cronis

Registered Yoga Instructor
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Instagram: @tiny_yogini
Facebook: Courtney Cronis Yoga

Favorite way to work up a sweat: My favorite way to work up a sweat is by doing yoga--especially from trying new poses and working on handstands and inversions! I also love to play tennis.

Favorite JIVA products: I love all of my Jiva Leggings, but my Cabana leggings are definitely my favorite! They have such a fun pattern and I can wear them anywhere--I even swim in them sometimes!

What does Jiva/soul mean to me: I express soul whenever I teach yoga.  Practicing yoga has changed my life, and I'm completely in love with it and always wanting to learn more and more, so getting to share that passion with my students is the best feeling.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing my students step on their mat time and time again and watching them fall in love with yoga too, and watching them grow and transform and have breakthroughs.  One of the times in my life when I feel the most myself, when I feel the most soulful, is when I'm teaching yoga.